Cancer - Libra | Relationship horoscope

Cancer is not very courageous, so it may be difficult for him to persuade indecisive Libra and wrap it around his finger. Before they find a way to each other, it may take longer than Cancer had expected. Therefore, persistence and a great deal of patience is essential. Libra is very jealous and it really limits Cancer, who, although he loves his home, sometimes needs to fly away and enjoy a bit of freedom.
What they have in common is predominantly penchant for good food and also their intellectul capacities. The only problem for them might be their indecision. Occasionally one of them should take a leadership and make a decision for the other one, too.

elements:   Cancer=water   X   Libra=air

At first sight, it may seem that these elements are two separate worlds. Water flows through its own calm rhythm and the air is floating far away above it. If these individuals find the way to each other, their connection is very firm. As if they realize that there is no sense to live without each other.


Relationship horoscope