Aries - Taurus | Relationship horoscope

If they determine bounds from the beginning and they won't limit each other too much, this relation-ship could have really good future. Aries and Taurus fit together very well, they complement one another perfectly. Taurus can put Aries in good mood and gives him the feeling of safety and certitude.

Aries is imaginative and energetic, that's why he always make plans and together with Taurus, who's in charge, make them real. These signs of Zodiac have very erotic life, Taurus is master in this domain.

elements:   Aries=fire   X   Taurus=earth

This connection may be regarded as a very stable one, presuming that both partners are interested in its keeping. The element of earth can manage the wild element of fire and, reversely, fire brings passion and adventure into the life of earth, which is usually rather calm or even boring. Such relationship promotes creativity, so routine has no chance.


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