Aries - Sagittarius | Relationship horoscope

If you are looking for someone who will entertain all people at your party, stop searching! He's in front of you! Yes, these signs of the Zodiac love society and they are able to amuse people four hours and hours. They are masters of jokes, all people love them. It's almost impossible to overlook them, you can see and hear them everywhere. They support each other and they complement one another perfectly. They have a lot of energy and optimism. It's really happy couple.

There can be problem if Sagittarius wants to have more liberty that possessive Arius has given him. Sagittarius, mind you don't say anything that you could later regret. Even if it doesn't seem on the first sight, Arius is sensitive and you can easily hurt him.

elements:   Aries=fire   X   Sagittarius=fire

This combination is probably the most dangerous of all. Both individuals are stubborn and hot-tempered. If people like these meet, it may bring wild arguments, but also a declaration of one’s love. The situation might change in a minute. Although you sometimes do not know your position in such a relationship, you will never get bored. 


Relationship horoscope