Aries - Pisces | Relationship horoscope

Combination of water and fire sign of Zodiac, so Pisces and Aries is a little bit unexpected. Sensitive Pisces withstands with difficulty hot-tempered Aries. And, as Aries don't like to subordinate, Pisces suffers from it very often.

On the other hand, Pisces is fascinated by the strength and tenaciousness of Aries. Pisces is dreamer so relation-ship with Aries keeps her feet on the ground and forces her to think more rationally. This combination of signs is more suitable for short-lasting relation-ship. They can be really good friends.

elements:   Aries=fire   X   Pisces=water

This is quite a strange combination of opposites. However, it does not have to be bad. If these people find the right way, they will complement each other and deal with every single situation easily. In any case, the fire may feel restricted by the sensitive water, at least from the beginning. In addition to that, water might not manage to douse the wild flames of fire.


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