Pisces Horoscope 2021

The water sign of Pisces is very emotional, and 2021 will be especially difficult for them. However, this period will teach you a lot about yourself, and you will have a chance to take a look at your behavioural patterns from a distance. Expect a lot of crying and rage, but also joy and fulfilment. For Pisces, the horoscope 2021 will represent clear evidence that every cloud has a silver lining.

Because of Jupiter in Aquarius, you will have a lot of ideas, how to streamline your activities at work, for example. However, you will also be fearful of responsibility so you won’t be very thrilled when your boss assigns a greater task to you. Don’t worry, the horoscope advises that when you accept this task, you won’t regret it. It could really help you move forward in your career.

Summer will awaken rage within you, meaning you will seem furious to the people close to you. Remember that there’s no point venting these feelings to others. Buy a punching bag instead, and hit it until you have had enough. Or, when you’re home alone, start screaming into your pillow or facing the wall. You will be surprised by how well it works.

When 2021 reaches its half, you will already feel absolutely exhausted. The ride has not ended yet, and the rage will now be replaced by sorrow. If you feel more emotional than usual, cry on the shoulder of a close friend. Pisces need this kind of contact, and they will feel an immediate release.

The horoscope might not be correct in everything, but it’s almost certain that this year will represent significant growth for you. You were somehow cleared by your emotions, and the new future awaits you. Don’t be afraid, because that will be much brighter than your past.

Pisces will enjoy the end of the year around their family - they will lend a helping hand whenever it’s needed. You’ve been through a lot, so going out won’t do any harm - for example for a nature trip or wellness weekend. You certainly deserve the relaxation, and other than that, it will help you think of something else. Especially when you take your partner or friends with you, you will have a lot of fun - laughter is one of the best medicines for the soul.