Pisces Horoscope 2020

To Pisces, your Horoscope 2020 will give many opportunities that will greatly enhance your intuition. People born under this water sign, which is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, are usually quite indecisive, even about small things. The year 2020 could therefore represent an important period for them, as it will allow them to work hard on this weakness.

From January to March, Pisces will enjoy a great wave of creativity brought to them by Neptune in Aquarius. It can be useful not only when engaging in leisure activities and maintaining your household, but also at work. In particular, you will do really well in teamwork, where your practical thinking will be appreciated. Romantic relationships will be mostly peaceful and stable during this period.

With the arrival of spring, you will need to leave the fantasy world and return to reality. Your horoscope could put some unexpected financial troubles in your way, which will require you to work hard and perhaps even overtime. The perfect reward for you now will be harmonious relationships, especially with your family and friends. Regarding romance, Pisces might encounter minor twists caused by the position of Uranus in Taurus. However, there’s no problem that can't be solved with open and honest communication.

Summer of 2020 will not be the happiest time for Pisces. Due to the influence of Saturn in Pisces, you will be highly oversensitive, so even the slightest problem will be enough for you to collapse like a house of cards. You should at least keep your mood a little more balanced when focusing on various physical activities, especially running or walking. Try to involve your partner in them, perhaps through an active holiday for two.

Over the last few months of this year, your horoscope will probably bring you several job opportunities. If you feel that your career should take a different direction, you could really turn the situation around. Into the life of singles, stars will probably bring an interesting individual who will definitely catch their eye. When you show them your true self, it is quite possible for this short-term acquaintance to turn into a serious relationship.