Mar 1. 2017

Phases of the Moon

The Moon and its phases have accompanied the Earth since its inception. It is also one of the first astronomical phenomena in the sky noticed by people. The changing of the the lunar phases was even used as a unit for time measurement. One lunar cycle (= when all the phases take place) lasts about 29.5 days which is close to one-twelfth of the year. The Moon phases can be divided in several groups (usually 4 or 8). The most important positions of the Moon, in terms of the horoscope, are definitely the Full Moon and the New Moon.

Phases of the Moon

Full moons 2024

Jun 22. 2024  03:10Capricorn   01 '
Jul 21. 2024  12:19Capricorn > Aquarius
Aug 19. 2024  20:28Aquarius   29°03 '

New moons 2024

Jun 6. 2024  14:40Gemini   18°11 '
Jul 6. 2024  00:59Cancer   16°27 '
Aug 4. 2024  13:14Leo   14°26 '

Lunar calendar

1. New Moon

In this phase, the Moon is exactly between the Earth and the Sun - which means that the Sun and the Moon are located in the same zodiac sign. This phase is particularly important when it comes to health. It is also the perfect time to start new projects and activities. On the other hand, mind and immune system are weakened during this period. Diseases can get worse and the risk of injuries and accidents increases.

2. First Quarter

This phase of the Moon symbolizes maturation. Your body grows stronger and so it is essential to provide it the necessary nutrients. Wounds and injuries are healing well in this period (but with the approaching Full Moon, this ability decreases again). When it comes to the horoscope, this phase is also related to exploring and finding yourself, as well as acquiring financial security.

3. Full Moon

The Full Moon is the only position, in which the entire surface of the Moon is illuminated. The Sun and the Moon are now in opposition and we can clearly feel its strength. People often suffer from insomnia, moodiness or generally poor psychological condition. Wounds and injuries bleed stronger in this period. Their healing slows down too, mainly because of slower metabolism. It is not recommended to undergo any surgery during this period.

4. Third Quarter

During this period, the Moon decreases. This is the perfect time for losing weight. Metabolism is now faster and the body cleans itself well. Additionally, this phase of the Moon makes us more active. Healing of surgeries and wounds goes well too. Housework is also going smoothly in this period. Therefore, it can be generally said, that this phase of the Moon is filled with positive energy.