New moons 2018/2019

In this arranged chart of new moons for the year 2018/2019 you can look up the exact date and time when single new moons will occur this year. Additionally, you can find which zodiac sign exactly is influenced by the New moon the most and thus you can easily trace when your big day, when it comes to energy, will be.

New moons 2018/2019

Following the chart below - for the new moon 2018/2019 - is also very important in terms of your health. Don't let anything surprise you and keep reading the article.

Nov 7. 2018  17:02Scorpio   15°57 '
Dec 7. 2018  08:21Sagittarius   15°14 '
Jan 6. 2019  02:29Capricorn   15°05 '
Feb 4. 2019  22:04Aquarius   15°25 '
Mar 6. 2019  17:05Pisces   15°50 '
Apr 5. 2019  10:52Aries   15°53 '
May 5. 2019  00:47Taurus   15°17 '
Jun 3. 2019  12:02Gemini   14°03 '
Jul 2. 2019  21:17Cancer   12°25 '
Aug 1. 2019  05:12Leo   10°36 '
Aug 30. 2019  12:38Virgo   45 '
Sep 28. 2019  20:27Libra   57 '
Oct 28. 2019  04:40Scorpio   24 '

Full moons, new moons and our health

For the sake of your health, it is essential to be familiar with these dates. You will discover: the most appropriate times to use quantum homeopathy, as well as times to avoid it. The phases of the moon also influence one’s dependency or even addiction to Psychotropic substances, before the full moon it is therefore best to stay clear of any addictive substances. On the other hand, the new moon weakens the negative effects of drugs; nevertheless it is undeniable to say that drugs are always harmful.

The new moon and the first quarter

We observe the phases of the new moon if the sun, moon, and earth are in line. It is then and only then that the sun rays only shine on the dark side of the moon hence making the moon appear dark, invisible. The sun overshadows the moon because it is in close proximity to this bright star. The earliest we can, yet again, observe it is two days after the new moon. The moon gradually gains the shape of a small curve eventually grows into a “D” shape.

The moon has the “D” shape in the first quarter, when the angle between the moon and the sun is exactly 90°. After the full moon, it continues to the last quarter and it is said to recede. Its shape resembles the letter C.

Solar Eclipse

A very special phenomenon which only occurs during a new moon is called a Solar Eclipse. In reality it is a mere coincidence that the angular diameters of the sun and the moon, as seen from Earth, interfere and therefore cover each other from time to time. It can be observed as both complete and annular eclipse.

New moon 2018/2019 from the astronomical perspective

New moon is the opposite of a full moon, transferring from an opposition to a conjunction the sun and moon both lie in the same sign. Despite the fact that it is a very positive time with regards to physical and mental well being, it is inevitable that some individuals might experience certain difficulties.  It is for this reason that medical intervention should be avoided. Although surgeries do not pose any particular risk.