Full moons 2020/2021

Chart of full moons in 2020/2021 states the exact date and time of each full moon 2020/2021, as well the astrological signs which are most influenced by this phenomenon.

Full moons 2020/2021

From this chart each person can easily deduce the following: when to pay most attention to one’s health, the best time to take medical supplements, as well as when one should avoid any medical interference or procedures. It is important to follow the above precisely, during the duration of the full moon, yet also a few days ahead. In this period, you are encouraged to reduce your intake of any medical supplements. Do not hazard with your health, it is very precious. 

Sep 2. 2020  07:23Pisces   11°56 '
Oct 1. 2020  23:06Aries   10°18 '
Oct 31. 2020  15:51Taurus   06 '
Nov 30. 2020  10:32Gemini   31 '
Dec 30. 2020  04:30Cancer   33 '
Jan 28. 2021  20:18Leo   53 '
Feb 27. 2021  09:19Virgo   07 '
Mar 28. 2021  20:50Libra   54 '
Apr 27. 2021  05:33Scorpio   09 '
May 26. 2021  13:14Sagittarius   57 '
Jun 24. 2021  20:40Capricorn   23 '
Jul 24. 2021  04:37Aquarius   34 '
Aug 22. 2021  14:02Pisces   36 '


The moon, being the only nature-given satellite of the Earth, is essential for astrology. Until this day its origins are uncertain yet there are numerous scientific theories with regards to this subject. One of them being The Hypothesis of Accretion, which suggests that the moon and Earth were created simultaneously. Another hypothesis suggests that the moon was torn from the Earth’s surface leaving behind the ocean floor. The one most likely as well as most accepted is The Giant Impact Hypothesis, according to which the moon comes from the expelled materials resulting from its collision with a glowing planet Earth which was in the process of forming millions of years ago.

In comparison to Earth, the moon’s magnetic field is much weaker. The atmosphere is also extremely thin, and the gravitational force is very low. It is remotely 380 000 km from us. Yet, despite all, it has very significant effects on various natural processes as well as life itself. Meaning, it is a significant factor in many natural phenomena, such as the strength of tides, or even our mental and physical health. In certain phases of the moon it is better avoid any medical interference, such as surgery. It is also suggested to stay clear of any psychotropic substances. The consequences could potentially be fate-sealing and unpleasant.

The moon rotates in sync with the earth, which is why we only have the ability to see one side- the one tilted towards us. The side tilted away is often called the “dark side”. The reason being, that it had been long unknown and unexplored, ironically in reality it receives much more sunlight.


At the very beginning of our era, the changing phases of the moon were a mystery for humanity. It wasn’t until Titus Lucretius, who explained that the surface of the moon is dark and only appears to be glowing when it reflects sunlight. In reality, we can only observe the different phases of the moon because during the moon’s orbit of the Earth, the angle between the moon, Earth and sun is constantly changing. Therefore, during different stages of its orbit it reveals different parts of its currently illuminated surface. The orbital time of the moon around the Earth is called a Synodic month and takes about 29.53 days.

Full Moons 2020/2021

A full moon is the moon’s only position where its whole surface is illuminated and therefore can be seen.  From an astronomical point of view – this constellation is a considerable influence on various natural phenomena.  The most famous of which is the tidal phenomena, the strength of the tide increases. The full moon also has a negative influence on the human organism.  It contributes to sickness, affects the healing of wounds, which in this time, is significantly slower and may even become more infected. During this time it is highly suggested to avoid any surgeries or any medical procedures—including dentist appointments. On the contrary, this time is very suitable for quantum homeopathy. This phase of the moon has the ability to encourage the process of contemplation and realization of one’s problems and therefore help individuals explore and essentially improve their negative behavioural patterns.