Mar 1. 2018

Native American Horoscope

The Native American horoscope is based on another principle than we’re used to - it attributes animal characteristics to people. It originates from great respect for nature. It shows what visible (and also hidden) characteristics we got the day we were born and will carry for the rest of our lives. The Native American horoscope, like ours, is divided into twelve parts - twelve totems in the form of animals. According to the date of birth, you’ll find out what species you can identify with.

Native American Horoscope

Falcon (March 21 – April 19)

In legends, Falcon has always symbolized power, sky, dignity and nobleness.

People born under Falcon are brave and have great observational skills. They can also make use of their creativity and wisdom. That makes them, among other things, natural leaders that others follow subconsciously. However, these individuals rarely compromise. If they want to achieve something, they are not afraid of obstacles and want it immediately. Therefore, there might be a problem if they encounter an equally authoritative person.

Beaver (April 20 – May 20)

Native Americans believed that beavers have magical properties. Otherwise, how would it be possible for them to be so perfect and precise when it comes to their building skills.

People born under the totem of Beaver are usually active and bright, but kind as well. They are happy in familiar surroundings, because they feel safe there. In career, they are hardworking, persistent and they don’t move out of the way they’ve taken. Problems might occur when Beaver gets too concerned with something. At such moments, they stop to be aware of their surroundings.

Deer (May 21 – June 20)

This lord of forests has always considered a sacred animal. Above all, it represents vital force, wisdom and nobleness.

People born with Deer as a totem are noble, but also gentle and sensitive. And the most important thing about them - they can both share and receive equally. They have no problems with meeting new people and seem charming to their surroundings. That, unfortunately, sometimes leads to complacency and superficiality in relationships. On the other hand, their excellent communication skills predetermine them to be great diplomats.

Woodpecker (June 21 – July 21)

To Native Americans, Woodpecker was a symbol of love, humility and selflessness. According to the legends, they were powerful healers.

A person with the characteristic traits of Woodpecker is usually a very loyal and devoted friend. They are very sensible and compassionate. They help others with extraordinary patience, often at the expense of themselves. In terms of relationships, their excessive care might be, in some cases, rather undesirable. However, Woodpecker can’t help themself, their actions are lead by their feelings.

Salmon (July 22 – August 21)

In nature, Salmon is a great warrior. Native Americans think the same about people born under this totem sign.

These individuals honor wisdom. They have great charisma, which is why they are trustworthy and likeable to others. They have tremendous self-confidence and are natural leaders. They live to the fullest and experience their relationships very intensely. They value honesty over anything. If they encounter dishonesty or an unfair manner, it is followed by a quick end.

Bear (August 22 – September 21)

To Native Americans, Bear is the most sacred animal, it’s the Guardian of forests. It’s a symbol of enormous power and hardihood.

You won’t probably recognize individuals born in this totem at first glance. They don’t show what they’ve got in them. However, if they get into trouble, their hidden power awakens. On the other hand, this quality is often accompanied by stubbornness. Bears are usually also very persistent, that’s why they can become great teachers.

Raven (September 22 – October 22)

Raven, unlike other birds, is very clean and never transmits diseases. This is probably why they were attributed healing abilities.

These people are very serene. Their life is often solitary, but in the right moment, their social abilities might be revealed. Ravens are in no rush, they rather think their answer through. They like to travel and it’s possible for them to settle abroad. They are resistant to anything that might be limiting their freedom.

Snake (October 23 – November 22)

Snake is, in the Native American culture, a symbol of great wisdom and intuition, even with supernatural abilities.

Individuals born under the totem of Snake are honest and straightforward. They’re not very fond of material values, nor compromises or excuses. They can only see two counterparts (for example, good and evil) and nothing between that. These people are very persistent when chasing their goal. However, sometimes, they tend to get moody.

Owl (November 23 – December 21)

Owl can be very mysterious. On one hand, it’s a symbol of wisdom and good, on the other, it’s associated with misfortune.

People who have Owl as totem are open to anything new, are fair and have a strong will. Often, these individuals sacrifice themselves for others, even at their own expense. They can keep a secret, that’s why their surroundings turn to them with trust. However, the personal life of Owl is often disordered and won’t avoid trouble in love. Their weakness is pride.

Goose (December 22 – January 19)

In Native American legends, Goose is a symbol of energy, diligence and ambition.

People born under the totem of Goose have the same qualities. They are able to surprise their surroundings with their dedication and power. These individuals can be successful athletes, as well as businessmen. However, there is a disadvantage to them - cumbersomeness. They are often not capable of making effective reactions to spontaneous events and quick decisions. They also tend to be emotionally closed off.

Otter (January 20 – February 18)

Native Americans considered Otter as a symbol of something new, change for the better and hope.

People born under the totem of Otter are enthusiastic, vital and hardworking. They are not afraid of obstacles - they perceive them as opportunities or challenges. They maintain a sense of humor in any situation and therefore, make ideal companions even in tough times. However, Otter has a huge disadvantage when it comes to relationships - they can’t stand injustice and furthermore, they tend to be jealous.

Wolf (February 19 – March 20)

Although Wolf is considered to be the sign of evil in fairy tales, in the Native American mythology, it is a very sacred animal.

People born under this totem are gentle and shy at first glance. They are emotional and love is very important to them. When at their best, every Wolf is kind, generous, but also passionate. However, if they are rejected, they suffer very much and might even be vengeful in some cases. They tend to escape into their fantasy to protect themselves against negative effects of the outside world.