Feb 1. 2021


Meditation is one way of working with the mind and self-knowledge. It teaches us to find inner peace and harmony, it effectively relieves stress and tension. Its effects also include improving concentration and getting rid of petty worries of everyday life. It is an encounter with oneself, knowing one's true Self. It helps protect our minds from negative influences.


The inner peace that meditation awakens in us will give us space for a full and conscious feeling of body and mind, and this deepens the conscious approach to ourselves, which affects the quality of almost all branches of life.

From a certain point of view, meditation can be a walk in nature, a romantic moment with your partner, or a moment alone at home over a glass of wine. It is a state where we are fully aware of the present moment; at the moment there is nothing else that would run our heads in parallel and distract us from this experience. However, there are different types and practices, the most popular of which you will read in the following paragraphs.


Vipassana meditation is one of the oldest meditation techniques originating in India. It focuses on the mind' full connection with the body and eliminates mental impurities. Using this method, we will learn how to understand the laws in our minds; we will understand the reasons why we react to certain things and what feelings it evokes in us. It will help orient ourselves in our own thoughts and their meaning, thanks to which we will control them and point in the right direction.

Sleep meditation

This type of meditation is interesting because it involves a person in "yogic sleep," which is the state between wakefulness and sleep. In this state, the body is entirely relaxed but mentally conscious. The main difference between sleep and sleep meditation is that your mind is awake during this technique. You can achieve this with the help of soothing music.

Transcendental meditation

Transcendental meditation helps eliminate accumulated stress and improve mental and physical condition; many scientific studies have confirmed that it can improve heart function, lower blood pressure and even prevent cardiovascular disease. It is practiced 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening to the sound of a mantra. Transcendental meditation differs from other techniques where we do not push all thoughts out of our heads but only watch them come and go.

Guided meditation

This meditation takes place with an expert's assistance and focuses on specific things and feelings or experiences. It can also be thematic and can be run in groups. The method of guided meditation can help remove the blocks that we create during our lives.