Apr 15. 2022

Fertility - do you know your lunar cycle?

Natural Conception Method is a method introduced by a Slovakian doctor and psychiatrist, Dr Eugen Jonas. This method is used to predict a woman's fertile days precisely based on the position of the Moon and the Sun in relation to the Earth. Since its invention, it has been proved to be very effective, and it has helped hundreds of women.

Fertility - do you know your lunar cycle?

Dr Jonas developed this method in the 1950s. He had a big interest in astrology, and he was convinced that such an event as conceiving a child is not an accident and that it has to follow some given rules and principles connected to planetary positions at the given moment. Dr Jonas believed that understanding these rules can give us a technique to predict fertile days accurately and this assumption motivated him to do his later studies.

After years of laboratory research, Dr Jonas came up with a surprising result: every woman has two mutually independent fertility cycles. The first one is a hormonal cycle, and the fertility days happen during the time of ovulation. The second one, the lunar one, depends on the moon cycle and the fertile moment happens when the Moon and the Earth and the Sun form the same angle as they did at the moment the woman was born. Therefore, the Lunar Conception moment is a moment when the Moon is in the exact same moon phase as it was at the time of her birth.

It is a time of very high fertility, and when a woman wants to use this method, then she should have sexual intercourse in the 24 hours preceding this moment. In general, the Lunar Conception Moments do not fit the time of the ovulation. Actually, a woman is said to be more fertile during these moments than during her ovulation. However, when the two cycles overlap, i.e. when a woman is ovulating during her Lunar Conception moment, then the chances of getting pregnant are extremely high.

Dr Jonas methods also include a prediction of the sex of the future child. It depends on whether the Moon is in the masculine or the feminine Zodiac sign during the conception moment, where earth and water signs are feminine while fire and wind are masculine signs. There is no research existing on how exact the sex prediction technique is; however, the Natural Conception Method itself has shown above 98% accuracy over the decades so exploring lunar cycles can be definitely helpful for many women.