Oct 14. 2016

14th November 2016 – The Moon will be full and also the closest to the Earth

Supermoon – it is called the phenomenon when the Moon is full and the closest to Earth. Besides, we can watch this phenomenon at night from Monday (14th November) to Tuesday (15th November).

14th November 2016 – The Moon will be full and also the closest to the Earth

In terms of astronomy, it is generally known that the Moon does not orbit around the Earth on the exact circular track. Its track is less eccentric and so the distance between those figures may vary. It may vary in the range of fifty thousand kilometers. Thus, the Moon is sometimes further from our planet and, reversely, at times it is closer. The Supermoon may occur only if the Moon is close to our planet and, simultaneously, is full. Despite the fact that the Moon is about 30% brighter and looks approximately 15% bigger, common people hardly even notice.

What impact will the Supermoon have on us concerning astrology?

We can definitely expect a greater influence of a common full moon on our health. Unfortunately, these influences are negative. What is more, it is strictly recommended to avoid any kind of planned surgery. It would be best to find another convenient date. As the power of the full moon rises as it gets closer to the Earth. Furthermore, the Moon will occur in Taurus in this period. This position affects one’s head and neck a lot more than usually. Be careful not to tire your muscles of the neck area so that you do not catch flu. Another risk may be an increased chance for stroke. Healing of scars and curing generally will be affected as well. You will feel way weaker and slower concerning that.

The Supermoon may have an impact on our emotions too. We might feel much more sensitive than usually. Communication may be quite complicated in all kinds of relationships – family, work, partners. Being affected by the Moon, we have a tendency to be reclusive and focus on our own inner feelings. Hence, it would be best to keep a low profile. Arguments being held on this day might hurt a person very deeply and you will have to deal with that afterwards. On the other hand, such moon promotes fantasy and self-development.