Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter: It is a symbol of development and inventing, but in a negative way risky business and gambling

Aquarius: This sign of Zodiac is associated with planet Saturn and Uranus, that's why peop...

The ones who have Jupiter in Aquarius are firmly captivated by the future and have progressive thinking. For instance, they believe that ordinary people have the power to do the great and good things. The only disadvantage may be an inability to tolerate any other opinion than theirs, if it is different. This position might be very convenient for studying technical subjects. Mainly thanks to their realistic attitude and a craving for knowledge.

In this period, you will be flexible and full of understanding, which is a big advantage when working with people. You tend to help others all the time. You will also feel fresh, innovative, and you will have a lot of progressive ideas. Therefore, you are able to bring new life to projects. The disadvantage is that you are clearly worried about excessive responsibility.