Cancer Horoscope 2021

Cancer is the most sensitive sign of the whole zodiac - they take every event in their life too personally. The horoscope 2021 for Cancer will provide them with a similar energy, but with a bit of finesse, they could avoid extremely tense situations that would originate from their hypersensitivity. The universe will encourage you to start working with your emotions and therefore, handling stressful situations better in the future.

For example, in spring of 2021, you could be absolutely overwhelmed with work duties. If you don’t calm yourself down and sort your priorities out, you could experience a full-blown mental breakdown. Cancer will be forced to evaluate how important work is for them - is it worth fighting, or if it would be better to start looking for something else.

The horoscope implies that in summer, the situation at work will calm down. People born in this water sign will feel a certain distance from their surroundings though, because Jupiter will be situated in Pisces. For this reason, the people close to you will think that there’s something wrong with you. Explain to them that you need some time for yourself and your hobbies. You will feel great when doing physical activities - sports or manual work. You will sweat a bit, deal with negative situations and soon, you’ll join your social circle again.

In the second half of 2021, we recommend taking care of your physical and mental health. A disease might appear, but you can prevent that by eating healthy, exercising and eliminating stress. In case of a crisis, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family, where you are always supported and understood.

This year, a selection of friends will take place as well. The circumstances will force you to think who, from your friends, is helping you move forward and supports you, and who doesn’t. Therefore, Cancer will be provided with an opportunity to focus on more beneficial relationships, and the horoscope will underline that - new people will enter your life, and you will feel great being around them.

By the end of the year, you can expect peace and quiet. Your intuition will be at its peak, and it will speak to you so clearly that you won’t be able to ignore it. If you feel like there’s something fishy going on, there will probably be a real reason for that.