Aug 3. 2016

Astrology of planets

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Astrology is the science regarding objects and actions occurring in space. Especially the movement of planets, the moon, the sun and other stars. As well as the role they play in influence on various occurrences on Earth. The name of this traditional scientific discipline comes from an ancient Greek word astron = star and logos.

Astrology of planets

Astrology is not a deterministic science. This means that it does not possess exact logic unlike for example, mathematics. Astrology only describes trends and tendencies. By explaining and understanding the past and current phenomena we can predict the future ones. It is possible to measure the influence of these celestial events on the human psyche, the physical body, the health of individuals, and global events in the world. 


Since ancient ages astrology has been appearing in almost all cultures. Examining the stars has always been the tendency of people who understood natural events. For example what seemed as a mere eclipse of the sun to the well-learned, was quite frightening experience to the uneducated folk.  

Aristotle had already named the model of space, which remained until antiquity. Because of Christian methodology, astrology was considered as illegitimate in some areas. A significant step forward took place during the Italian renaissance. It is important to mention two influential figures, which were considered masters in this field. Sigmund Freud and C. G. Jung.

Planet aspects and conjunctions

Aspects of planets are one of the most important factors in the interpretation of horoscopes. What does this really mean? Imagine a planet's aspect as an angle between two planets and the Earth, where the Earth is always on top.

The angles, which are divisible by three, six or twenty are usually considered as  positive aspects. Conversely the ones which are divisible by fourteen or eight are usually negative. These are examples of important rules in astrology.

Special case being, when two planets have an angle of zero with the Earth, this is called conjunction. Otherwise angles without deviations which are right angles would be considered as an ideal aspect. The ideal conjunction is when the angles are right angles, or when they are zero. For example quarter angles should be exactly 90 degrees, but they are hardly found to be so precise. They are usually between 85 and 95 degrees.

The Sun

The sun is the center of our solar system. It is a source of energy, light and therefore life. This star is a positive initiator of confidence, generosity and hospitality. The negative signs include profligacy and pride. The sun is also the ruler of daily time and the sign of the Zodiac Lion. The sun also symbolizes the relationship between the father and our male tendencies, whether we are decisive, whether we are confident or even if we happen to be neither.

The Moon

The moon rules the night as well as the sign of the Zodiac Cancer. It is a natural satellite of Earth, which influences many things on Earth by its cycles. In the positive sense it signalises personal popularity, mostly in the working environment, where there is an abundance of social interaction- for example doctors, psychologists, or actors. It has negative influence on professions such as cab drivers or delivery men. The moon is mostly reflected in our childhoods, within our families and in particular in the relationships with our mothers.


This planet, which is closest to the sun, is the ruler of the signs Virgo and Gemini. It has effects on our intellect, language and communication. Mercury provides a bridge between the conscious and subconscious. It influences communication, therefore the tongue, facial muscles and vocal cords. Mercury is the symbol of relationships with our siblings and our closest family members.


Venus mostly influences the signs of the Zodiac Libra and Taurus. This planet mainly represents love and relationships. Generally, it symbolizes all beauty and prosperity, but mostly in the sense of health and well-being.  Venus is responsible for the whole backbone, spinal area and also the right patency of the cardio-vascular system. It influences us in our attitude towards finances and estates.


In horoscopes, Mars represents physical energy, power and will. The most powerful influence is on Aries and Scorpio. If this planet, for example, is closer to Earth, it may cause unrest or even nagging to our personalities. Mars is the initiator of promoting ourselves. It encourages courage and initiative. It is also symbol of sexual energy and relationship to other sex.


Jupiter rules the signs Pisces and Sagittarius. It is a planet of goodness, prosperity, and influences positive progress. It inspires us in realizing important life steps during which important life lessons should be applied. It provides us with luck in an attempt to encourage us to walk our life paths. It also has the potential to influence us in negative ways such as taking risks, gambling, and being dangerously hazardous.


Saturn is in an important position. It influences us to become serious and conservative. This planet mostly influences Aquarius and Capricorn. It is also a signifier of destiny, but more so, from the social perspective. It influences our attitude towards our careers and various experiences vital for personal growth. 


Uranus also rules the Aquarius. It was discovered relatively recently in the year 1781, that is why now it has become the symbol of intellect and inventions. It mainly represents inventors, reformers, scientists, as well as those interested in electricity. Uranus is about our relationship with experimenting, creativity and originality.


Neptune was not discovered until the year 1846.  By character of its energy, it is connected with Pisces. It has influence on our fantasy or even various paranormal activities, which can cause problems when this planet is in a negative position. It intensifies your desires towards love, romance and fashion.