Ascendant in Taurus

Ascendant: characterizes our starting energy,  view of the world and our opinions

Taurus: Taurus is associated with the planet Venus, which is characterized by her beauty...

If you have ascendant in Taurus, profiting is a natural talent for you. You have a strong personality so you don’t get distracted easily. You seem warmhearted to others not only thanks to your fondness of nature.

A twist occurs as soon as you try to be like others. Your naturalness then gets changed so negative aspects can come up. Like when an excessive and unhealthy obsession with money is taken too seriously (at the expense of others).

The ones with ascendant in Taurus are usually very curious about the world, whether in a positive or negative meaning. That can then be very enriching for them, but on the other side, it can get hard to let go of the past. At such times it slows down their self-development.