Ascendant in Leo

Ascendant: characterizes our starting energy,  view of the world and our opinions

Leo: This flaming sign is associated to Sun. It gives to Lions a lot of creative ener...

Ascendant in Leo means creativity, strength and willpower. These conditions are great to express your thoughts and get your way. Your personality is very bright thanks to your potential.

Individuals with ascendant in Leo should really pay attention to staying on the right path and not to do anything unnatural to them. The consequences may then get fatal. For example, being the center of attention is the right place for you, but if you try too hard to get there and change your personality so others would like you, you will become egoistic and very proud. And as we know, pride comes before a fall.

You will be attracted to wealth and everything related to it, but you’d better keep on mind that material goods are only temporary. In the opposite case, you might seem negative to people around.