Ascendant in Capricorn

Ascendant: characterizes our starting energy,  view of the world and our opinions

Capricorn: The name of this sign of the Zodiac aptly defines the character of people born u...

Ascendant in Capricorn belongs to the most difficult ones. These individuals won’t probably lead an easy life. They’re very patient and there is a sense of responsibility deep down in them. They go through life carefully and tend to judge and question their actions and decisions endlessly. They subconsciously fear being in a situation where they would have to pay for their bad decisions.

The sense of duty often comes from the feeling of being supervised. Therefore, you always do your best which is highly appreciated especially in manual labor. Laws and rules calm you down. You perceive them as some kind of a manual of doing things the right way. Your behavior seems insecure and it takes a while for you to find a way of opening yourself towards others. Relationships won’t be easy for you at first.