Mar 13. 2019

Which Gemstones Are Best For Your Horoscope Sign?

People have always been looking for different ways to heal and protect themselves. For this reason, hundreds of years ago, they began to surround themselves with protective amulets, talismans and gemstones. Minerals unify us with the universe, primarily with individual planets in our solar system, both with their color and chemical composition.

Which Gemstones Are Best For Your Horoscope Sign?

Different stones are representative of every zodiac sign, since each stone has its own leading planet. As we all know, the individual signs differ from each other in their character traits and their general approach to life. Wearing the appropriate stone, either in your handbag or as jewelry, will help you embrace your strengths and cope with your weaknesses. What stones fit you?


Carnelian - strengthens vitality and life energy

Red Jasper - strengthens willpower and persistence; typical for Arians

Amethyst - supports creative thinking and helps Arians broaden their horizons


Agate - gives Taurens patience and persistence in reaching their goals

Aventurine - creates a sense of harmony and safety

Rose Quartz - awakens love and heals a broken heart


Yellow Carnelian - makes complete the fragmented nature of Gemini

Citrine - facilitates the processing of emotions

Blue Chalcedony - soothes the mind and develops intuition


Green Jasper - deepens Cancerians’ selflessness and ability to understand others’ needs

Moonstone - helps to understand the meaning of dreams and awakens intuition

Coral - facilitates abandonment of old habits and opens up horizons


Citrine - allows Leos to open up their hearts and find out how to fulfill their lives

Gold and Gold Topaz - enhance intuition and creativity while strengthening the heart and soul

Garnet - gives courage and strength to do business


Amber - relieves Virgos’ stress, tension and fear of the future

Tiger's Eye - strengthens faith in one's own abilities

Sodalite - helps with concentration


Pink Coral - helps Libras find harmony and peace of mind

Aquamarine - relieves negative emotions and thoughts and induces inner peace

Chrysocolla - facilitates understanding of natural patterns


Malachite - helps Scorpios realize what puts them down, sets them free and recharges

Red Jasper - encourages compassion and dedication for others

Black Opal - releases fear of the unknown


Obsidian - shows Sagittarians their strengths, so that they can use them to their advantage

Sodalit - promotes concentration and enhances connection of the material world to the spiritual world

Blue Topaz - brings awareness to new feelings and thoughts


Black Tourmaline - helps Capricorns overcome obstacles to their goals

Moonstone - prevents bitterness and disappointment in the event of failure

Crystal - for meditation and purification of the soul


Turquoise - helps Aquarians align their ideas with reality and fill their souls with love

Aquamarine - awakens feelings of liberty and freedom

Crystal - supports patience and persistence


Jade - brings a sense of security and protects Pisces from hypersensitivity

Crystal - encourages the mind to be independent and think clearly

Amethyst - deepens intuition and confidence