Sep 2. 2020

Where to go on vacation? Your zodiac sign will tell you!

Are you thinking about where to go on vacation, relax and recharge your batteries? You might have a lot of ideas but can’t seem to find the right one. What about leaving it up to the stars and taking your zodiac sign into consideration? It knows a thing or two about you after all - even your ideal type of vacation. So let’s have a look at it!

Where to go on vacation?  Your zodiac sign will tell you!

This fire sign is very adventurous, and so a calm vacation by the sea wouldn’t be very suitable. A more active stay would be better, for example in the mountains where they are able to go for exhausting hikes.

A food lover. Whether they cook by themself or are being taken care of in a restaurant, their taste buds must be completely satisfied. Why not centre your vacation around food?

The air sign of Gemini is naturally very curious - they hate being bored and are attracted to anything that stimulates their brain. Dubai, New York or London sound great.

Cancer puts a huge emphasis on family and in case of vacation, the location is not as important as those they’re going with. Sightseeing tours are suitable because you would be able to absorb a lot of information that you can discuss later with your dear ones.

Leo is a fire sign - it gets wild anywhere they go. Your vacation should resemble a party. For example, a boat stay in the circle of your friends will be an absolutely unforgettable experience for you.

Virgo tends to be very nervous. Therefore, your vacation should be really relaxing for you - a place where you’ll be able to shut down and get away from worry. Health retreats are absolutely ideal.

Libra is one of the most artistic signs of the zodiac - it’s not an easy task to choose a vacation that would be satisfying for them. We recommend visiting Lisbon - a city of art.

Scorpio is the most content when they are able to be the leader. It will be best if you organize the vacation for your friends or family. Take a break from work, stay in an exotic country and develop a plan for every day.

For Sagittarius, being with nature is essential because they are able to gain energy for life. A camping vacation will be the best. Take your friends for a hike and camp anywhere possible.

The earth sign of Capricorn, which is unusually hardworking and ambitious, is fascinated by history. A suitable vacation for them will be any vacation where they will be able to visit monuments and educate about their history.

Aquarius is a very humanitarian sign and therefore, they should choose a vacation where they will be able to help others. Volunteering or tourism is an absolutely ideal selection.

The water sign of Pisces is very intuitive, unselfish, but also romantic - if you want to really enjoy your vacation, take your better half with you. A wellness weekend or a stay by the sea is good.