Jul 15. 2021


UFO has been a current and eternally discussed topic for decades. Each of us will surely ask ourselves whether we are alone in the universe. We need science to gradually progress and take steps to move forward on the imaginary “cognitive journey through space,” still a fraction of the vast whole surrounding us.


There are various theories about what mysterious beings from another world would look like. We even found a photo, but unfortunately, their authenticity is not absolute. What is certain is that the more that unknown species have in common with us, the more likely they are to contact us or visit Earth if they can. Carbon forms of life could be of interest to planets suitable for carbon-based life, oxygen forms of planets with an oxygen atmosphere, and undoubtedly many other variants.

One of the prerequisites for extraterrestrial civilizations to find us is that they will be at least as intelligent and successful as we are. What is worrying about this is that if we follow Earth's example, predators will excel in higher intellect, use persecution, and love tactics. Studying can also be a reason to visit our planet.

For other inhabitants of the universe, we are easily traceable using radio signals. Commercial broadcasting on Earth has been in operation for over 100 years, which means that anyone within 200 light-years could intercept our signals and establish communication. People have not picked up such a signal from anyone else, which can mean two things. Either no one exists at this distance except us, or they are more technically advanced and use means other than radio waves.

One of the most famous personalities who allegedly came into contact with something from another world is Bob Lazar. He reportedly worked near Area 51 on spacecraft research. The US government has denied all his allegations, but a few years later, it turned out that he did work at the base in the area. In his work, Lazar claims that he came across government documents proving humanity's communication with extraterrestrial beings throughout history. Unfortunately, this claim is not able to substantiate the evidence.

In the past, it was taken for granted that we were alone in space. Mankind was considered the pinnacle of evolution, and the only thing man believed was superior to him was God and angels. Nowadays, with countless sci-fi movies and conspiracy theories on the subject, many people believe that intelligent life outside our planet really does exist. In the meantime, we can imagine these extraterrestrial entities to ourselves, their natural form and essence may remain unclear to us forever.