Apr 15. 2021

The Witch

The term "witch" refers to someone who practices socially forbidden forms of magic. Witchcraft, as such, has no specific definition, but is generally considered part of the magic. How witchcraft is understood depends on culture, and opinions have changed over time. Some societies perceive the witch as someone whose supernatural power is innate, while others argue that it is the ordinary person's free choice to learn to practice magic.

The Witch

As we know from history, witchcraft is mainly associated with female sex, mainly negatively. Sometimes, as in the Christian tradition, it is assumed that power gives witches an evil spirit with which they have a "contract," in other cases, its power is thought to come from itself, and no external source is needed.

Witchcraft explains the problem that arises when one tries to understand why misfortune has befallen, and another is free. Why one succeeds at work and is successful, and another tries in vain, but he still suffers from misery. People like to blame someone else for this inequality. In this sense, a witch is someone who wants more selfishly than she seems to deserve, and her desires are considered exaggerated. It all depends on the moral evaluation of the community.

The latest renaissance of witches is associated with a growing fascination with astrology, crystals, and the Tarot. Like magic, they use unconventional kinds of power to their advantage.

Modern witchcraft

Wicca cult is currently associated with witchcraft. It was founded in the middle of the 20th century and followed the old pagan religions, mainly Celtic, Ancient, and Germanic. It is the most famous and popular modern form of witchcraft. Supporters of this movement reject the traditional division of magic into white and black, following the principle: "Do what you want if you do not harm anyone." They believe that everything we do will come back to us three times. So if they use magic to their detriment, they can be punished by nightmares, depression, or mental illness. Wiccans are known not to let anyone in, each adept is tested, and some may wait several years for initiation. There are no records of whether they really can cast spells.