Virgo - Virgo | Relationship horoscope

Nothing looks exciting or surprising in this relationship. Both signs are calm and practical. They do not expect too much from life, they are humble and like order. Their relationship lacks passion and dynamics. Since they both are the same sign, they know each other perfectly, but just keep criticizing. Sometimes they would let go a bit and flatter their partner. What connects them together is love for nature and art. Virgos could easily meet in the park when walking their pets, in a museum, or they are coworkers. If you will show express more emotions to each other, the relationship could last.

elements:   Virgo=earth   X   Virgo=earth

These two elements have great support in each other. They both respect the same orders and rules and their coexistence simply works. They have great time together and they look as an ideal couple. They go through life slowly, but securely. A disadvantage might be a lack of adventure, passion and emotions. Such relationship may therefore cool easily.


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