Virgo - Sagittarius | Relationship horoscope

Sagittarius as a true adventurer likes searching mysterious and unknowable places and Virgo appears to him just like that, and therefore he is so immensely attracted to her. However, Virgo is too narrow-minded for Sagittarius, and loves peace. This word is virtually unknown to Sagittarius. He is full of energy and loves to travel from place to place, settling in more advanced age.

If Virgo has enough of patience and willingness to wait until Sagittarius calms down, she could provide him with a solid background, which is certainly be appreciated by Sagittarius. Sagittarius admires the Virgo for her truthfulness; Virgo loves Sagitarius's friendly and wide open heart.

elements:   Virgo=earth   X   Sagittarius=fire

This connection may be regarded as a very stable one, presuming that both partners are interested in its keeping. The element of earth can manage the wild element of fire and, reversely, fire brings passion and adventure into the life of earth, which is usually rather calm or even boring. Such relationship promotes creativity, so routine has no chance.


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