Virgo - Aquarius | Relationship horoscope

Fate rarely puts these two signs together, but if it happens, it is an interesting connection of two opposites. Aquarius is the mystic impressed by a well-organized Virgo. For him, as a chaotic and individualistic artist, Virgo is completely incomprehensible. Sometimes it is necessary to put order to his life and Virgo can help him with that. Virgo lacks temperament and passion, of which Aquarius has plenty.

Because of it the relationship with Aquarius can be very exciting for Virgo. The experiences a lot of fun together, share the same sense of humor. Introvert Virgo has to get used to and adapt to the Aquarius who loves having people around.

elements:   Virgo=earth   X   Aquarius=air

This combination usually works very well, under common circumstances. The element of earth brings stability and seriousness and the air offers freshness, wind and fun. Their coexistence is perfect if the air element does not feel restricted. Hence, the earth usually has to be benevolent and not resort to make rash decisions.


Relationship horoscope