Taurus - Virgo | Relationship horoscope

The association of these two signs is magical. They understand each other in all domains, they have the same or at least similar opinions. In the beginning, Virgo wants to keep certain distance from Taurus, but she's not able to do it for a long time and after some time she completely succumbs to him. Virgo and Taurus are hardworking and conscientious, they complement to each other and they don't restrict each other.

Their relation-ship is full of harmony and love. Taurus can bring out true passion in Virgo, sex is usually long and quality. In this relation-ship, you won't be bored. Other people can envy you, there is a chance that you will have perspective, long-lasting relation-ship.

elements:   Taurus=earth   X   Virgo=earth

These two elements have great support in each other. They both respect the same orders and rules and their coexistence simply works. They have great time together and they look as an ideal couple. They go through life slowly, but securely. A disadvantage might be a lack of adventure, passion and emotions. Such relationship may therefore cool easily.


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