Taurus - Sagittarius | Relationship horoscope

These two signs are contradictory. Sagittarius loves traveling, he doesn't like to spend a long time at one place. As for Taurus, it's completely different, he loves to create family background because he needs to return to one place where his family is. These people have to put each other in the same mood to make this relationship work. However, they could understand each other in sexual life.

They can meet at work or somewhere where money is involved. They both like all kinds of entertainment. Sagittarius shouldn't make jokes about Taurus. Those jokes can easily hurt him because Taurus hardly deals with allusions at his personality.

elements:   Taurus=earth   X   Sagittarius=fire

This connection may be regarded as a very stable one, presuming that both partners are interested in its keeping. The element of earth can manage the wild element of fire and, reversely, fire brings passion and adventure into the life of earth, which is usually rather calm or even boring. Such relationship promotes creativity, so routine has no chance.


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