Taurus - Cancer | Relationship horoscope

These two signs are related by sense of household and generally of family. Family is everything for them, they won't hear a word against it. They prove each other their love and they care for each other. They have strong intimate relation-ship that other people could envy them.

Their biggest hobby is food, they both are pleasure seekers and they love to enjoy the food in nice and calm environment. Taurus brings passion to their relation-ship, Cancer is sensitive and tender but he sometimes overreacts so Taurus should pay attention to his words to not hurt Cancer.

elements:   Taurus=earth   X   Cancer=water

Both these elements are very strong and fertile; hence, it is logical that this connection usually means balanced and fertile relationship. Water supports the earth with moisture and, contrarily, the earth gives it the direction (it shows it the way, just like a river). If they pull together, they can overcome any obstacle. It is also a creative and stable combination.


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