Taurus - Aquarius | Relationship horoscope

These two signs don't fit much together. One of them is practical and stable, the other has always head in the clouds, he's big dreamer who doesn't perceive much reality. But it's incomprehensible for Taurus who lives in reality. Their relation-ship could work if everyone tries to learn something from his partner. Taurus could try to dream sometimes and Aquarius should leave his individualism and try to learn some practical things.

Your affectionateness won't last for a long time. When the excitement wanes, you will see more and more mistakes at your partner which will bother you. Long-lasting relation-ship is not much possible.

elements:   Taurus=earth   X   Aquarius=air

This combination usually works very well, under common circumstances. The element of earth brings stability and seriousness and the air offers freshness, wind and fun. Their coexistence is perfect if the air element does not feel restricted. Hence, the earth usually has to be benevolent and not resort to make rash decisions.


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