Scorpio - Scorpio | Relationship horoscope

Since these are the same signs, problems can occur. The major complication would be that both Scorpios are strong and cannot give up on things very easily. There are complete opposites: either they create strong understanding or deep hate. Both are very passionate and have strong mental bond. They are intuitive and understand each other without words.

All goes well until the moment they have a conflict in their attitudes. In such case, one must submit or they start fight. This combination is the best in friendly terms, two Scorpios are really great friends. However, if they manage to find a balance, their relationship is solid and full of energy.

elements:   Scorpio=water   X   Scorpio=water

This combination might be perfect or very bad, nothing in-between. As water represents emotions, so if the partners are similar, no obstacle is on their way. They are very strong together and their relationship may last long. However, their relationship is predestined to fall if they do not regard each other and drown.


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