Scorpio - Aquarius | Relationship horoscope

Initially it may seem that these two signs really get along very well. They quickly fall for each other. But once jealous Scorpio finds out that Aquarius is a bit of a free thinker, complications start occurring. Aquarius gets really tired of constant monitoring by Scorpio. Both have different opinions and ideas. However, if they find a way to each other, it will be difficult, and one of them must endure.

As far as sex is concerned, it is the same. Scorpio is too passionate for Aquarius and requires more energy. If they cannot communicate with each other and will not listen to their needs, it will not work in this field.

elements:   Scorpio=water   X   Aquarius=air

At first sight, it may seem that these elements are two separate worlds. Water flows through its own calm rhythm and the air is floating far away above it. If these individuals find the way to each other, their connection is very firm. As if they realize that there is no sense to live without each other.


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