Sagittarius - Capricorn | Relationship horoscope

They both love liberty and freedom, although each perceives it in a different way. They do not interfere with each other and provide enough space to carry out their plans. The relationship is most likely to occur in higher age when Sagittarius calms down and therefore will match to the conservative Capricorn better.

Sagittarius is forever young, even in old age. He passes energy and optimism to calm and slightly pessimistic Capricorn. Capricorn then perceives world better. Capricorn then directs and teaches Sagittarius not to act so rashly.

elements:   Sagittarius=fire   X   Capricorn=earth

This connection may be regarded as a very stable one, presuming that both partners are interested in its keeping. The element of earth can manage the wild element of fire and, reversely, fire brings passion and adventure into the life of earth, which is usually rather calm or even boring. Such relationship promotes creativity, so routine has no chance.


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