Libra - Scorpio | Relationship horoscope

Connection of a calm and thoughtful Libra with impulsive and passionate Scorpio seems really unusual, but actually it is a very good combination. This is where the saying: "Opposites attract" is really applicable. These two signs have an enormous erotic connection and are strongly attracted to each other. It is said to be the most dynamic and erotic connection in the Zodiac.
Scorpio needs a large amount of trust and that is what Libra could provide him with. Sometimes in their relationship problems occur, but tranquil Libra can calm things down. Scorpio is really jealous about Libra because she is charming. Therefore, they must sometimes make compromises, and that is the only way to prevent the relationship from fading out.

elements:   Libra=air   X   Scorpio=water

At first sight, it may seem that these elements are two separate worlds. Water flows through its own calm rhythm and the air is floating far away above it. If these individuals find the way to each other, their connection is very firm. As if they realize that there is no sense to live without each other.


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