Libra - Sagittarius | Relationship horoscope

They have one great common pastime, and that is traveling. They both love it and spend as much time as possible by it. Both like to learn new things. They are both excited about the novelties and extravagance. The Sagittarius really gets along with Libra, but Libra has to realize the fact that it is she who will have to look after the household.

Do not, however, assume that Sagittarius does not care at all. Absolutely not! When the problem occurs, the Sagittarius immediately solves it. Together they work as well tuned watch.

elements:   Libra=air   X   Sagittarius=fire

We can definitely say that this combination of elements is very unstable. As the busy element of air does not provide fire with sufficiently stable environment, moreover, fire gets wilder and wilder. However, if such relationship overcomes all obstacles, it may be stronger and enjoy all of the life adventures. Since these people love to be in motion.


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