Libra - Capricorn | Relationship horoscope

These two signs are really wrong. They are so different that it will be very difficult to find anything in common or other features. While Libra is sociable, likes art and the company of people, Capricorn is the opposite. He loves his solitude, serenity, likes walking in the country, where he thinks about his plans or issues.

Relationship could only work when they properly divide the roles and even then it will be a problem for them to actually meet. After some time, they might realize that they have nothing to talk about.

elements:   Libra=air   X   Capricorn=earth

This combination usually works very well, under common circumstances. The element of earth brings stability and seriousness and the air offers freshness, wind and fun. Their coexistence is perfect if the air element does not feel restricted. Hence, the earth usually has to be benevolent and not resort to make rash decisions.


Relationship horoscope