Libra - Aquarius | Relationship horoscope

Together they form the perfect couple. They share the pastimes, sense of humor and sense of imagination. Aquarius is rather free-spirited and resourceful, Libra is a quiet being. They are both on a high intellectual level, discussing interesting topics. They can get excited for each other. They are peaceful and very popular among friends.

However, their uniting point is in fact the erotic level. In bed they are really inventive and give an incredible performance. It is their strong link. It is a lasting and harmonious relationship of two unusual people.

elements:   Libra=air   X   Aquarius=air

These elements are both hectic. They are both able to talk about nothing for hours. On one hand, they enjoy it, especially if the topic of their conversation is love. On the other hand, it may be very exhausting. Eventually, they might realize that they feel better apart, than together. However, if they overcome the obstacles, they are a strong couple.


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