Leo - Libra | Relationship horoscope

Indecisiveness of Libra can really drive Leo round the bend. He has always his accurately set goal and knows what he wants. Both can lavish compliments to each other and to be sensitive and affectionate. The sex that they may or may not work out, it depends on what kind of mood Libra is in.

They both have common interests, such as traveling, nature and society. Their temperaments are complementary, Libra can calm down Leo's liveliness and vice versa- Leo can awaken passion in Libra. Libra should restrain his moodiness because it can also happen that Leo begins to look after some other partner.

elements:   Leo=fire   X   Libra=air

We can definitely say that this combination of elements is very unstable. As the busy element of air does not provide fire with sufficiently stable environment, moreover, fire gets wilder and wilder. However, if such relationship overcomes all obstacles, it may be stronger and enjoy all of the life adventures. Since these people love to be in motion.


Relationship horoscope