Leo - Leo | Relationship horoscope

These signs cannot be surprised by anything. They know each other, good and bad qualities of each other, and know what to expect from each other. Since they are two dominant personalities, sometimes their relationship resembles a struggle, where only one can win. But this is not how a working partnership can ever be created. They should both realize that their relationship is not a competition.

Leos love luxury and wealth. They both work hard on their careers and meets at home seldom. Save some time for yourself and enjoy your joyful and passionate life together.

elements:   Leo=fire   X   Leo=fire

This combination is probably the most dangerous of all. Both individuals are stubborn and hot-tempered. If people like these meet, it may bring wild arguments, but also a declaration of one’s love. The situation might change in a minute. Although you sometimes do not know your position in such a relationship, you will never get bored. 


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