Gemini - Pisces | Relationship horoscope

Although it seems that these two signs could make a perfect match, it is not the case. Pisces does not often have much in common with Gemini and their opinions also diverge. Both have a great imagination and are very sociable, but Gemini does not have enough of patience for unspoilt and emotional Pisces. Pisces dreams of a big and happy family, Gemini has a slightly different view and this sign usually settles down and starts a family much later. The only way to a happy relationship leads through Gemini, which should sometimes think over his words before he actually says them and hurt the Pisces without any reason.

elements:   Gemini=air   X   Pisces=water

At first sight, it may seem that these elements are two separate worlds. Water flows through its own calm rhythm and the air is floating far away above it. If these individuals find the way to each other, their connection is very firm. As if they realize that there is no sense to live without each other.


Relationship horoscope