Gemini - Leo | Relationship horoscope

Leo and Gemini have probably met at some party. They are both very sociable and popular with people. Leo attracts Gemini by his self-esteem and confidence, Gemini impresses Leo with his practicality and sense of humor.

These two signs are a good match, they can form a long-term relationship. They both try to meet each other halfway in order to make things work. Occasionally a problem occurs and that is that Leo does not have enough of freedom. Gemini easily adapts to needs of his Leo. This flexibility, however, makes Leo annoyed from time to time because he perceives it as the fact Gemini does not have his own opinion.

elements:   Gemini=air   X   Leo=fire

We can definitely say that this combination of elements is very unstable. As the busy element of air does not provide fire with sufficiently stable environment, moreover, fire gets wilder and wilder. However, if such relationship overcomes all obstacles, it may be stronger and enjoy all of the life adventures. Since these people love to be in motion.


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