Gemini - Aquarius | Relationship horoscope

If you think that dream couple does not exist, you are wrong, it just in front of you. Gemini and Aquarius create a bond that is so strong that it is almost unbreakable. From the first moment they saw each other, they knew they are soul mates. They have a lot of common interests that never bore them.

They are not only partners, but also best friends. They know all secrets of each other and nothing negative can surprise them. Together they walk with head in the clouds, and it's natural for they are both airy signs. Plain and simple - a perfect couple.

elements:   Gemini=air   X   Aquarius=air

These elements are both hectic. They are both able to talk about nothing for hours. On one hand, they enjoy it, especially if the topic of their conversation is love. On the other hand, it may be very exhausting. Eventually, they might realize that they feel better apart, than together. However, if they overcome the obstacles, they are a strong couple.


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