Cancer - Scorpio | Relationship horoscope

The relationship of Scorpio and Cancer is very sensitive. These signs are a perfect fit. They are both signs of water, and they have common goals and attitudes. Their private life is a very powerful and emotional. They are tied to each other; sometimes it would be good to give each other a bit of freedom.

They cannot imagine their lives without each other. Scorpio tends to have the upper hand, but be careful that it does not get too far and doesn't cause Cancer feel intimidated. Scorpio provides intellectual support for Cancer. In this relationship mutual respect and tolerance is very important. The only disadvantage is emotional dependence as mentioned above.

elements:   Cancer=water   X   Scorpio=water

This combination might be perfect or very bad, nothing in-between. As water represents emotions, so if the partners are similar, no obstacle is on their way. They are very strong together and their relationship may last long. However, their relationship is predestined to fall if they do not regard each other and drown.


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