Cancer - Pisces | Relationship horoscope

Pisces has found the best she could hope for in Cancer. These two Zodiac signs are suitable for each other the most. Both are family-oriented and have very strong emotional inclination, their relationship is full of love and harmony. Sex is a lot more than the satisfaction of desire; it's a deep soul connection. They both enjoy it, even if it is not too eccentric. Usually Cancer assumes the role of a leader, but he gives sufficient space to his Pisces.

They should, however, be careful that their relationship does not fall to be stereotypical. Although they are both tranquil signs, sometimes some fuss can have a positive effect.

elements:   Cancer=water   X   Pisces=water

This combination might be perfect or very bad, nothing in-between. As water represents emotions, so if the partners are similar, no obstacle is on their way. They are very strong together and their relationship may last long. However, their relationship is predestined to fall if they do not regard each other and drown.


Relationship horoscope