Cancer - Capricorn | Relationship horoscope

Both of them have slightly different expectations from life. Capricorn loves his established law and order, to which he sticks and his life conforms to it too. Cancer's entire life is his household and family, his life is mainly based on emotions and empathy. Capricorn is annoyed by Capricorn's hypersensitivity. Cancer should learn to have a little rougher nature, to be able to fight for other things than just for his family.

Empathy is a nice quality, but Cancer should be able to have some time for himself. Capricorn is a very reasonable and practical. Because of achieving his plans he may be sometimes too hard. Watch out these features!

elements:   Cancer=water   X   Capricorn=earth

Both these elements are very strong and fertile; hence, it is logical that this connection usually means balanced and fertile relationship. Water supports the earth with moisture and, contrarily, the earth gives it the direction (it shows it the way, just like a river). If they pull together, they can overcome any obstacle. It is also a creative and stable combination.


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