Cancer - Cancer | Relationship horoscope

Two same signs cannot be surprised by anything. They both know each other so well that it is unbelievable. Cancerians are very sensitive, able to empathize with others and immediately offer help to anybody. They love their family and home, and they both take care of it.

They have the same interests, views, and therefore form a harmonious and strong couple. Their romances are gentle, full of love and understanding. If one has a problem, the other should support him and give him a hand. It may seem that they live in a stereotype, but Cancerians are perfectly fine with that.

elements:   Cancer=water   X   Cancer=water

This combination might be perfect or very bad, nothing in-between. As water represents emotions, so if the partners are similar, no obstacle is on their way. They are very strong together and their relationship may last long. However, their relationship is predestined to fall if they do not regard each other and drown.


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