Aries - Leo | Relationship horoscope

There is a magnetic attraction between those signs of Zodiac. Aries and Leo are signs of Fire, they are related both emotionally and rationally. Their relation-ship is dynamic, they are not bored. Both Leo and Aries are stubburn and egoistic, each of them wants to press his suggestions, that's why sometimes, it can lead to sharp quarrel.

They have the same interests, they love to plan and realize interesting ideas. They are adventurous, they are never bored. If they want to keep up their relation-ship, they have to sometimes make conseccions and not be so intransigent.

elements:   Aries=fire   X   Leo=fire

This combination is probably the most dangerous of all. Both individuals are stubborn and hot-tempered. If people like these meet, it may bring wild arguments, but also a declaration of one’s love. The situation might change in a minute. Although you sometimes do not know your position in such a relationship, you will never get bored. 


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