Aries - Aries | Relationship horoscope

Watch out here! This is really hot-blooded coexistence! Aries and Aries - you won't be bored. Both these signs of Zodiac are very quick-tempered and egoistic, especially when they are together, sparks fly whether in negative or positive way. Aries love excitement and adrenalin, but they also appreciate warmth and sincereness.

Due to their complicated character they will never reach relation-ship full of harmony. However, they can enjoy a lot of fun and good times, but they have to listen to each other.

elements:   Aries=fire   X   Aries=fire

This combination is probably the most dangerous of all. Both individuals are stubborn and hot-tempered. If people like these meet, it may bring wild arguments, but also a declaration of one’s love. The situation might change in a minute. Although you sometimes do not know your position in such a relationship, you will never get bored. 


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