Nov 3. 2019

Rare Transit of Mercury Across the Sun

On Monday, November 11, there will be a unique phenomenon that should not be missed by any space enthusiast. We will have the opportunity to observe the transition of Mercury between the Sun and the Earth. On its way, it covers a small part of the Sun's disc, so it will appear as a small black dot moving across the Sun's surface.

Unfortunately, Mercury is too small and distant to be seen with the naked eye. Therefore, it is necessary to use a telescope equipped with a special filter to prevent our eyes from being damaged from looking directly into the Sun.

Venus also passes between the Earth and the Sun, but this is extremely rare and unfortunately, none of us will live to see it. Although Mercury's transit is much more frequent, we will be able to enjoy it again and in full form in 13 years. The transit in November will be only partial, so we will be able to see only half of it - only the inhabitants of some countries of South America will get the chance to see the entire show.