Jun 30. 2016


If you were born in the first half of December or you know anybody, pay attention! If you are interested in astrology, no matter your birthday, it may be remarkable for you as well. Especially if you have ambiguity in general characteristics of each sign.


Ophiuchus is a constellation which is located between the constellation of Scorpio and Sagittarius. The Sun affects it in the period between the first of December and the eighteenth. The Sagittarius particularly may demur that this period belongs to them, however we hope to clarify as much as possible.

Our Slavic predecessors, Hindu or Zoroasters knew in the ancient period that the Sun goes through this constellation too. They were also convinced that people could rely only on themselves as the gods were so called deaf to their prayers. Time when the Sun goes through Ophiuchus is the time of acid tests and a spiritual rebirth. It connects us with the universe and other worlds. Ophiuchus transfers energy of the Zodiac circle to a spiral, which allows a free access to a new way of development rather than going in a closed circle.

The Earth is a subject to ancestral movement which affects a slight move of the axis which also has an impact on classifying the astrological signs. Since the time when the ancient Babylonians stated the 12 signs of the Zodiac, the sky has moved a bit and so has the Zodiac.

The time when the Sun is controlled by Ophiuchus is a six-week cycle when people with a great energetic potential or strong intuition are born. They often become psychologists, healers or mystics. Some of them are called to do good deeds on our planet and the rest usually does the contrary. Nothing in between. Ophiuchus are the embodiment of an extreme. They either bring joy and happiness (for example Satja Sáí Bába) or misfortune and adversity (Augusto Pinochet). They are extremely strong or weak, they behave either wisely or totally foolishly. Not all of them know how to use their gift. They often must leave and burn everything behind them to rise up again just like the Fenix from the ashes and become a new different person.

Should we include Ophiuchus in the Zodiac or not?

As usual, there are two views on that topic. Some claim that Ophiuchus is not a sign of the Zodiac, only a constellation, hence it has nothing to do with ancient and current astrology. The others try to prove the reverse as an inclusion of Ophiuchus into astrology and an adjustment of data, when the Sun really does go through each sign, could rectify its reputation.